Wednesday, 13 December 2017

In the bleak mid (well nearly) winter ... part one

Its that time again and Dugald the druid is preparing to cut the mistletoe once again. This is how Dugald sees himself and his mates in his mind's eye-

However reality is somewhat different- a rather kindly white haired gentleman with a rusty sickle at his belt as well as two mouldy heads that he gathered along the way sometime ago.
However before he can begin he needs a bodyguard as there are some nasty folks around the place...
To be continued

Sunday, 10 December 2017


My new recruits are being based. Jim did 99% of that plus all the painting. Here are some pics-

My regular opponent Phil is reorganising his vikings (Essex,Greenwood and Ball etc) to be opponents for these splendid fellows- can't wait!

Saturday, 9 December 2017

Old school again

My book from Norway has finally arrived. It was addressed correctly yet ended up being delivered to Amazon by mistake.
In 1995 I saw a small advert at the back of Miniature Wargames for a chap who was casting 25mm Napoleonic Norwegian ski troops.I contacted him (think he is/was called Kevin Gilfedder, of Doncaster) and the figures duly arrived. I have tinkered with them on and off since but never finished the unit.Here they are on top of a wee booklet from the Norwegian army Museum showing ski troop uniforms-
Sorry I just can't seem to turn the photo :(
anyway the figures are delightfully old school and I really ought to get them done to fight my new Swedes.

Sunday, 3 December 2017

Gloriously Old School

Yesterday Jim D popped over to Fife to deliver a couple of  painted armies transferring to the service of Duke of Tradgardland's army- my lead mountain that is to say.More about the Carolingians later- wonderful Minifigs with those fantastic helmets and staff slingers that mean business. The other army comprised Swedes circa 1808-
I love the painting style of these splendid figures,something I could probably never replicate as I am not as skilled a painter. I am, however, tempted to give it a go in order to provide a worthy opponent for these super Swedes...


Saturday, 2 December 2017


I decided to paint up these 40mm knights as reinforcements for my medieval Scandinavians yesterday. I had got them very cheaply some time ago. They painted up well and I look forward to using them in a game-
One of my reference books suggestions Scandinavian armour styles were a tad behind the times compared to the latest knightly fashions. I am using this as an excuse to mix different styles and times in my units. After all they are cheap ,cheerful and fun. 

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Anyone who had a heart...

Anyone who had a heart ( upon seeing my new Normans on their splendid Impetus bases) would not consider rebasing them at all-
I think I will use them for the basis of  a wee Basic Impetus army,something I have fancied doing for some time. Any of you chaps out there playing Basic Impetus these days?

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Compatibility with Lammings Normans?

I acquired some Lamming Miniatures Norman cavalry ( full of old school charm) recently to use in a wee side project for Lion Rampant. I wonder if anyone can suggest any figures which would be compatible with Lamming  ( I doubt I have the patience/opportunity to wait for sourcing more Lammings) in order that I could finish two sides for the game. I will have around 30 cavalry but no infantry. I have a fancy to depict rival Norman forces in Italy or Sicily (I love the Byzantine style mosaics) so might need some Arab/Berber figures too. Any ideas?